A full range of academic conferences takes place at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  The focus of the conference schedule is: 1) resident education 2) advancement of surgical knowledge 3) develop and hone individual presentation skills. 

The conferences also provide consistent forums for direct communication between the residents and faculty regarding the care of their patients. Every Wednesday morning is devoted to resident education in order to give the residents a protected and dedicated time period for these academic activities as well as to improve attending physician involvement by scheduling the major conferences at regular and convenient times. 


Surgical Training/Simulation

As a surgical residency, we know the importance of simulated training prior to caring for patients. As such, the  Brigham has an entire simulation lab, called Stratus, to help residents hone their skills.  Among many things, Stratus has two  robotic trainers and many laparoscopic trainers.  Additionally, there is a fully simulated operating room and dummies to aid in surgical training and placement of catheters and lines. We encourage you to explore the possibilities that exist to help further your skill set at Stratus by visiting their website here.  

Graduate Medical Education 

In additional, we are part of a large Brigham graduate education medical community, with a traditional of excellence: